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Howdy! 🤠 Welcome to our Online Adult Driver Education Course.

Now, don’t worry, we’ve made this course as fun and easy as possible! We’ve divided it into sections or ‘chapters,’ each packed with important stuff about driver safety, traffic laws, and everything else you will need to know on your journey behind the wheel.

You will be able to complete this course at your own pace and can come and go as often as you please! Feel free to logout and take a break at any time. You do not need to worry about saving your progress or finding your way back to where you left off. We’ll take care of that for you by saving every page you complete and guiding you back to where you left off when you return.

This course consists of 9 chapters and many pages within each. As you progress you will find videos, animations, and more!

When you complete this course you will earn a certificate of completion that can be used to get your learner permit or driver’s license at the Texas DPS. In order to obtain your Texas driver’s license you will also need to pass a DPS Driving Test at an authorized driving school or your local DPS. In order to take this test you will need to present your completion certificate from this course!

If you would like to take driving lessons or get some practice before taking the test, you will need to complete this course, then visit the DPS and exchange your completion certificate for an Adult Learner Permit.

We’ll walk you through these options as we progress through the course.

Now, saddle up, and let’s hit the road!

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