F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find a list of complete and very practical answers. Don’t forget, our experts are best placed to answer your questions so if you have more questions contact us.

Are ALL parents qualified for the PARENT TAUGHT program?

Short answer, no…
a. You must apply with TDLR to ensure you are eligible BEFORE purchasing. You MUST
complete these steps before purchasing this product to ensure that you are eligible and approved by TDLR. If you purchase this product before finishing these steps, there is the risk that TDLR will not approve you and we will not be able to refund you!

i. Prior to purchasing a Parent Taught Driver Education Program Guide from
TDLR, parents are responsible for checking whether their criminal and/or
driver records prevent them from teaching the Parent Taught Course. (If you
are certain your record is clean, you can skip this step!)

Verify Eligibility Here: Texas DPS Driver Records 

ii. Must purchase a TDLR Online Licensing Service (texas.gov) from TDLR. The
guide costs $20. After you purchase the guide, you will receive an email from
TDLR with a link to download the guide. Check your spam and junk folders if
you do not see the email in your inbox. (PUT LINK ON HERE)

approved course(s): 32 PT HOUR ONLINE COURSE & 14 HOUR DRIVING ONLY
iv. Please also review the roles and responsibilities of Parent Taught
Driver Education Roles Parent Taught Driver Education Roles and
Responsibilities.pdf (texas.gov)

Is it possible for my child to take an in-person program then transfer into parent taught driving or vice versa?

Yes it is, anytime you sign up for parent taught program course (32 hour online
classroom or 14 hour driving) you will be required to purchase the Parent Taught Driver
Education Program course

What are the steps to getting a drivers license?

View our infographic checklist here.

In-Person Students

Online/Parent-Taught Students

At what age can you start the drivers education course / get permit / driving test / license?

a. Driver education course: 14 years old (parent taught), 14 years 9 months (in-person)
b. Permit from DPS: must be at least 15 years old
c. Driving test: minimum of 16 years old
d. Drivers license: minimum of 16 years old after driving test

When can the student start driving behind the wheel?

Once the student has earned their permit (minimum of 15 years old), they must drive with an adult (21+ with a minimum of 1-year driving experience)

How many total hours of driving do I need before a driving test?

A minimum of 44 hours of actual driving training

  1. 14 hours instructional (qualified PTDE of student or instructor)
    7 hours driving behind-the-wheel
    7 hours of in-car observation
  2. 30 hours of behind-the-wheel practice (1 hour per day) – parent/guardian
    20 hours daytime
    10 hours of nighttime

If I am taking a driving course at your school, do I need to provide my own vehicle?

No! Our school vehicles are provided for student training and are also equipped with brakes on the passenger side for instructors to control and increase safety.

Do you have a car simulator?

Yes we do! We believe “learning by doing” is the best and most effective way to learn
how to do anything. The car simulator practice is included for students enrolled in the
32-hour class. (Schedule an appointment to take advantage)

How do you schedule your driving course?

We schedule in the span of 2 weeks, depending on each instructor’s schedule. You will
have 1 instructor throughout the 7-day process.

Are vehicles included with the driving course?

Yes! Our school vehicles are provided for student training and are also equipped with brakes on the passenger side for instructors to control and increase safety.