My Certificates

If you find an error on your certificate you can correct the information here:


Module 1 certificate is used at the DPS to attain your learner permit.
After you print and use the Module 1 certificate to obtain your learner permit it will not be used again!

Module 12 certificate is issued after you have completed your online course. This certificate will need to be presented at your DPS road test. It will also be used at the DPS when obtaining your driver license.
(This also applies to the Behind The Wheel ONLY certificate if you are enrolled in the behind-the-wheel only course.)

Be sure you are printing the right certificate for the right reasons and double check that your certificate has all of your information displayed correctly before arriving for a road test or license. If corrections are needed, please use the ‘edit student information’ button above, or contact us through the online messaging system.

If you have questions or need anything in general, let us know!