-Local- COMPLETE Driver Education Program


$649 NOW ONLY $600!

(By purchasing the complete package today, you will save $120 on your driving lessons!)
The second payment of $340 will be made when you schedule your 14hrs of Behind-The-Wheel Driving.
(We recommend scheduling your driving lessons after you receive your learner permit.)

This is our COMPLETE driver education package. This product is perfect for those who want the most guidance and support as possible throughout their learning experience. The required 32hr Driving Theory / Classroom portion will be completed at our local, Katy, Texas Driving Center.

After the first 6 hours of class, students will be eligible for their learner permit and can begin their driving lessons with one of Straight Forward’s certified driving instructors. All 7 hours of driving observation AND 7 hours of driving instruction will be completed under the supervision of our trained and certified instructors.

We will help you through every step of the way and ensure that you acquire your Texas Driver License.

    You are only paying for the classroom at this time. Drive times will be billed separately in the amount stated above.





This program includes everything needed to acquire your Texas Driver License. Visit our local, Katy, TX Driving Center to complete your 32 hours of classroom instruction/driving theory and complete your driving hours with a certified instructor… This course takes place over a 3 week period, Monday through Friday in 2-hour sessions. You can then schedule your driving hours around your convenience. Each driving session can last up to 2 hours and includes the training vehicle, gasoline, and a Texas certified driving instructor.


Program Includes:

  • 32hr Local Classroom Instruction (Driving Theory)

  • 14hr Behind-The-Wheel Instruction (7hr Driving & 7hr Observing)
    (Schedule Lessons in person or by phone after completing the first 6 hours and obtaining your permit from the DPS)

  • Drug and Alcohol Driver Awareness Program (DADAP) – Included

  • Classroom Sessions: Monday through Thursday for 4 weeks in 2-hour sessions.

  • Price includes gasoline and training vehicle.

  • (OPTIONAL) Take the road test with us. Skip the DPS! (Not included in price)